Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I LOVE VINTAGE: Lovely, Antique Jewelry from England!

I Love Vintage has links to  Edwardian Style antique jewelry from England. I could not believe the price and just put a bid on some lovelies. Clicking through this English countryside ebay store brought me back to a different century and saved hours of schlepping through antique malls. A trip to the British countryside would not be too shabby. Bookmark I LOVE VINTAGE

Look at these treasure I just found:

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  1. Andrea, I could not find an email address for you to respond to your comment and request on my blog that I remove a photo of Pastor Wurmbrand that you personally own from my blog post, or give credit for where it came from. So I am leaving my message here. You can delete it after it has served its purpose.

    Since I appreciate this photo very much and you gave me the option to use it as long as I give credit, please see the post again:

    I have provided a link to the site where you posted the photo (and probably where I got it from), but I did not give your name, since you only provided a first name, and that didn't seem appropriate. If there is anything additional you want me to say in my post to attribute the photo to you, please let me know. Thanks.